long walks (August Notes)


News for this month :

Work schedule has changed to allow time for photography, painting, and keeping up with this site. I will now be working on art and photography 25-30 hours a week. This month will mostly be an adjustment period but you can expect to see...

  • weekly updates
  • catching up with the visual daily blog
  • more activity on instagram and tumblr (of wips and sketches)
  • possible weekly videos
  • shop launch (for prints, and possibly more)


It will be nice to finally have some consistency here rather than juggling every scrap of spare time that I have.

Commissions will be mailed this week and I will be finishing my personal oracle deck and sharing that bit by bit with all of you. Anyone interested in custom oracle deck of their own can contact me via my info page or by contacting me at encryptedritual@gmail.com .

Ian Murphy

Photography by Ian "Billy Bones" Murphy , Jersey City, NJ 07302

Self identifying lost boy.

Queer artist and photographer based in Jersey City and NYC.