One Foot In Front Of The Other

Well, I'd written a relatively lengthy update here and then closed before saving. I should know better by now. 

Let's recap. 

Website Updates:

  • May was a good month for art and photo updates. Check the galleries. There should be more coming once I can edit/post process the remaining images. 
  • Daily Visual blog has been relatively consistent. The only gaps have been due to my lack of time at home to refill the queue. Writing blog has also been occasionally updated with snippets of lyrics and space cadet rambling.

Life Updates:

  • Sky and I were able to participate in a horror based art show this week at Lovecraft in NYC. It was the first time since moving that we've really been able to make time for an event like this. I'm looking forward to more. 
  • I'll be out of state toward the end of June/early July for a convention. I've been much more busy than I had initially anticipated so I have much less prepped than I had been expecting. Still, I'm looking forward to it eagerly (slightly less eagerly than before, since Sky will be staying home to sit the pups!) as it's always been a good experience. 
  • May was a rocky month for us but it was also a good time for growth (these things often go hand in hand). With determination, we're aiming to set in motion some massive changes in the upcoming months. 
  • I have been working on the draft of a semi-secret zine project that I hope to be printing and distributing for free by mid-late summer. Picking up in person will be free, through online store they will be the approximate cost of packaging and shipment. It will be a limited run. Depending on the success/feedback, future issues may appear. 

Planned Web Updates:

  • Working on the general format for the featured artist/creative page. We've had a couple folks show interest so far so I'm hoping to launch sooner than later. Whenever a new artist is featured, old features will be available on a public archive. 
  • The JC Queer Alt Collective should be seeing some updates soon. We've been having local meetups once a month and will most likely start a secondary meet if we are able to schedule it. If nothing else, I'll have an event page available with dates and times of meetups as well as information for the Facebook group, etc.
  • Things. Stuff. More stuff. 

Talk again soon. Much love, BB