May Showers Not Flowers. :0

Hello folks! 

Sky and I had a busy month in April scrambling to take care of taxes but now that's mostly over with, we're getting back on track. I've cut some costs financially for now, including my artsnacks, while we try to cushion our savings but I do plan to start releasing art talk video blogs in the near future. 

I have made several updates in the photography galleries here (including the introduction of the "18+" section, "Eros" which I plan to use for soft kink, nudes, and fetish fashion/glam) so there is a handful of new imagery to sift through.  :) I am also in the process of setting up a casual art/photography blog which I intend to have updated daily (even if I have to queue entries a week in advance). 

I've finished designing a couple of new business cards for Sky's business and have complete one of the two for my own - so those should all be printed soon! (I'll be sharing pictures when that happens)

We also now have a PO box so our mail stops disappearing. :D Hurrah.

We have a shared art show coming up in late September and I was just invited to a show in Chelsea later this month (details will be listed when I have them). Sky and I will both be attending a convention in late June as well where I hope to sell a small handful of work. We have also started looking into local flea markets and small venue events. Looking forward to lots this summer and fall!

Our changes for Queertastrophe and the JC Queer Alt Collective are still in the works but I hope to update you all with that soon. 

Other site/work updates for the future include : 

  • Spring/Summer Flyers for Pet Portraits
  • Art Updates (Producing art somewhat consistently but photographing and uploading is time consuming, sorry folks. :0)
  • A better form and more information for business inquiries 
  • Sticker/Print shop (when we have them made!)