March (momentum)

Well, February ended up being a relatively uneventful month online again. I managed to get sick (again) and squandered a great deal of my free time.

We did get Sky's portion of the site off the ground (where they have been regularly updating fiction and have attached a link to their Instagram and art). 

We've discussed integrating Sky's group, "Queertastrophe" and my idea of the queer/alternative artist network and expanding the concept beyond just artists/creators (to any queer/gblt or supportive professionals and individuals) whether they run their own businesses, freelance, or are part of larger companies. Some of our near future updates to this include : 

  • An event page for local meet ups (Queertastrophe, Art Jams, Etc.)
  • An online resource page
  • Basic framework for the network listings
  • Business cards to promote QT/The Network throughout Jersey City
  • Once we are actively expanding, setting up a gofundme (or equivalent site) so that we can pool together for a shared studio space as well as a separate domain/website

I uploaded a brief Artsnacks review in February and have recorded the first part of my review for March and am looking to finish recording later this week (it was an AWESOME box). 

I have been stubbornly holding off on posting my art trades until I've finished with -all- of them. I have gotten back on a roll though and will hopefully be posting those sooner than later. 

I have made a few (very small) graphic design purchases to help cut down on the time needed to design the 4/5 business cards I'm designing (for myself, Mantra Pet, and QT) so there should be progress with that as well soon. 

We've reorganized the living room of our apartment and are about halfway through with the art studio. Sky and I have managed to make much more room to move around. 

Also exciting, my schedule has changed to allow me one extra day off without losing any hours. I may still drop a few hours in the summer but it has been a tremendous help so far!

I may potentially have a handful of art hosted at a local cafe later this summer - also exciting! It all depends on how much I am able to polish in the upcoming months.

Website plans moving forward include: 

  • Adding the new photography, art, and blog sections
  • Printing business cards
  • Designing and printing stickers and buttons (for site and for conventions!)
  • Limited art prints (if interest is there)
  • Updating galleries and social media!!! (it's just a lengthy process without a scanner and I've not had much time to follow through but with the new schedule in place, this should be happening soon!)

If you don't watch it already - my instagram has a handful of sketches and works in progress (and you can find it here : )


Much love and looking to bring you updates soon! <3 <3




Ian Murphy

Photography by Ian "Billy Bones" Murphy , Jersey City, NJ 07302

Self identifying lost boy.

Queer artist and photographer based in Jersey City and NYC.