Little Acorns


It's been a busy couple of months!

  • Spent a chunk of time in October starting to record and post vblogs and art (watch me paint/draw) videos. I'm still adjusting to recording and minor amounts of editing but videos will become a regular part of my work week in addition to uploading photos and art here!
  • I intended to participate in October and while I did draw daily for each theme, I only managed to finish a few so those will most likely be completed as I'm able and a few will make it on here. :)
  • My family has decided to help get business rolling and were -very- generous helping to upgrade most of my equipment. I cannot express my thanks enough for that (I'm still mentally processing because I didn't expect I would be able to afford upgrading anything for some time). 

Website Updates

  • Inquiry Pages have been added for watercolor commissions and photo sessions. 
  • Visual Spill Blog was being updated somewhat consistently but has been a little quiet - more photos there and on the main gallery soon