What am I doing?


Ello folks. 

Been developing a cold for about a week. I'm almost through the worst of it but I'm looking forward to curling up at home in a pile of blankets for the next couple of days. 

Sky and I have been working on A TON of art...So much we are having to make sure we put ourselves to bed instead of crafting all the way through the night. 

With our increasing involvement with dolls, our house has become more of a craft zone than before (I should say actively). Between designing and sewing clothes, to sculpting, to painting, making scenes, etc...we've been busy bees! There are so many possibilities with these dolls (from scripted videos and photo shoots, to zines and such) and we are so excited to be rolling.

I've also been making many acrylic paintings that I've now photographed and just need to edit and upload. 

Sorry for the silence, it's just that we've been getting work done. I will be trying to continue making summaries on youtube of my weeks so you can check our progress there as well!

I will be finishing my first doll repaint either tonight or tomorrow (depending on my level of tired when I get home) and then I'll probably be showering the internet with photos. 

Much Love <3


(Also, Sky now has their own website www.agentskyhouse.com so you can now keep tabs on their work over there.)

Little Acorns


It's been a busy couple of months!

  • Spent a chunk of time in October starting to record and post vblogs and art (watch me paint/draw) videos. I'm still adjusting to recording and minor amounts of editing but videos will become a regular part of my work week in addition to uploading photos and art here!
  • I intended to participate in October and while I did draw daily for each theme, I only managed to finish a few so those will most likely be completed as I'm able and a few will make it on here. :)
  • My family has decided to help get business rolling and were -very- generous helping to upgrade most of my equipment. I cannot express my thanks enough for that (I'm still mentally processing because I didn't expect I would be able to afford upgrading anything for some time). 

Website Updates

  • Inquiry Pages have been added for watercolor commissions and photo sessions. 
  • Visual Spill Blog was being updated somewhat consistently but has been a little quiet - more photos there and on the main gallery soon

slow and steady


E-R September Updates:

  • lmost all galleries have been updated and/or reorganized.
  • Visual Daily has been updating but has changed to "Visual Spills" removing the daily time constraint but still striving for consistent and scheduled updates.
  • Shop is under construction and should be launching shortly. The E-R etsy, which has also been dormant for some time, will soon be revived as well. 

JC Queer & Alternative Network September Updates:

  • Event section now available. See current and past Queertastrophe munches and events.
  • Scheduled our first "Art Jam" toward the end of October. Hope to see some crafty folks there!


long walks (August Notes)


News for this month :

Work schedule has changed to allow time for photography, painting, and keeping up with this site. I will now be working on art and photography 25-30 hours a week. This month will mostly be an adjustment period but you can expect to see...

  • weekly updates
  • catching up with the visual daily blog
  • more activity on instagram and tumblr (of wips and sketches)
  • possible weekly videos
  • shop launch (for prints, and possibly more)


It will be nice to finally have some consistency here rather than juggling every scrap of spare time that I have.

Commissions will be mailed this week and I will be finishing my personal oracle deck and sharing that bit by bit with all of you. Anyone interested in custom oracle deck of their own can contact me via my info page or by contacting me at encryptedritual@gmail.com .


Hey Folks.

Got back from the convention a day earlier than expected so I got to be home and enjoy the fireworks. I've got a small queue of commissions to finish and should be making a post office trip this week coming up. 

Sitting on some big plans that will hopefully solidify in the upcoming months. 

There was a bit of lag on the daily visual blog but that should be back on schedule now. 

Had two sets of business cards for the site printed as well as a separate set for pet photography. Designing some new seasonal flyers for Mantra-Pet.  Busy busy.

More art and photo updates soon. :)