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The Jersey City Queer & Alternative Network aims to serve freelance professionals, hobbyists, and small business owners who identify as queer, are within the GBLT community, and/or live an "alternative" lifestyle. Our aim is to become a network and resource for queer and alternative professionals, artists/creators looking to collaborate with other artists/creators, to help establish business relationships, to support our local queer owned and supportive businesses, etc. 

We are a non-discriminatory group with an eventual aim to create and promote local safe spaces, studio and gallery spaces, events, and more for the queer and alternative community. While our central hub is Jersey City, NYC, and the surrounding area, we welcome anyone outside of the area as additional external (or online) resources. Additionally, if you would like help starting a similar network in your area and/or would like to become affiliated, let us know!

To elaborate, the JC Queer & Alternative Network is open to: 

  • Those who identify as queer (gender or orientation)
  • Any sexual orientation (or lack thereof)
  • Any sex or gender (or lack thereof)
  • Anyone with an "Alternative" Lifestyle (ex: those involved in kink/bdsm, poly and/or open relationships, etc. (so long as it is between consenting adults)
  • Supporters and Allies

While we are a queer/gblt centric network, we are all inclusive

Here is what we won't tolerate:

  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted behavior and beliefs
  • Disrespect of pronouns, gender identity, or lifestyle choices (this includes disrespect toward cis/het folks)
  • Disrespect of sex workers and sex positive people
  • Sexual Harassment and non-consensual touching of any kind
  • Deliberate (repeated) instances of cultural appropriation after warning (We encourage you to educate yourself and -always- give credit where it's due)
  • Encouraging violence or hatred 



If you would like to be listed on our network as a resource, individual, small business, group, or company, please take a moment to fill out the form below and tell us a little bit more about yourself, what you'd like to contribute, or why you'd like to be added. Once we've received your request, we will send an email going over the final details before you are added. Once listed, you may request to be removed at any time.

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