Billy Bones (known in muggle life as Ian Murphy) is a native New Yorker currently living in the beautifully diverse Jersey City, NJ (after a brief hiatus from the north in the fiery inferno that is Richmond, VA). 

Bones has slowly been transitioning from a career in animal rescue back to art and photography, two of his greatest passions that had sadly not received the attention they deserved during that adventure. Dabbling in a variety of media, he creates an array of art and diy projects from drawings and paintings, to modifying clothing, collage, and more. He will photograph anything and everything of interest to him and his illustrative style has been described as an eclectic blend of pop, cyber/splatterpunk, and the occult.

Bones is always multitasking, working on more than one project whenever he has a free moment. A few current and planned illustrated projects include mini-zines, comics, sticker bundles, and more character portraits from the shared works of himself and his "brain twin", Sky. While his photographic interests vary drastically, Bones especially enjoys documenting and empowering a variety of queer fashion and identities, sex positivity, and "alternative" lifestyles.

Bones is also working to establish a queer and alternative centric network for Jersey City and the surrounding areas.